Dali and Media

The Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art in association with Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation presented the exhibition Salvador Dali & Media.
For the first time in Russia the works of one of the 20th century’s most famous provocateurs were shown through the prism of the media.

Salvador Dalí’s artworks are traditionally displayed by periods directly related to the geopolitical situation in the world. The MMOMA exhibition followed a different principle. The exhibition was divided into two parts, where visitors could choose their own sequence of viewing. The first part displayed Dali’s work with covers and articles in magazines such as Vogue, GQ, TV Guide, Newsweek, Town & Country and This Week, among others. This presented Dali as illustrator and art director, writer and editor. Each of the artist’s new roles was shown at the exhibition, intercepted by a room of statistics, without which it would be difficult to fully grasp the scope of this media genius. Numbers accompanied the artist from the very beginning of his work with the media, whether it was the amount of editions for a publication, the number of covers or the size of his salary at one of the biggest publishing houses.
The second part of the exhibition immersed the viewer in imagery that has become synonymous with the ‘fourth estate’ period of the artist’s work. The giant egg, female legs in Bryan’s Hosiery, the lips, and of course the famous curling moustache offer a glimpse into the delirious world of Dali.

Design: Olga Treivas, Vera Odyn, Anton Ivanov, Olga Dedulya
Client: Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art
Curator: Aliona Doletskaya
Project Status: completed
Location: Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art
Area: 1300 m2
Год: 2014
Photography: Yuri Palmin

  • _1 (880X880)
  • _2 (660x880)
  • _3 (880x660)
  • _4(880x660) 2
  • INTERVIEW: How did you get your start in the art world?
    DALI: Before one month, before new life, before born, you know?

  • _6(880X660)
  • _7(880X660)
  • _8(880x660)
  • 9(880x880)
  • 10(880x660)
  • 11(880X660)
  • The giant egg, female legs in Bryan’s Hosiery, the lips, and of course the famous curling moustache offer a glimpse into the delirious world of Dali.

  • 12(880x660)
  • 16(880X660)
  • 18(880X660)
  • _19(880X660)
  • “The absence of Dali at the opening of the exhibition is only reason that makes me think of the project as being incomplete. That is a pity.”
    Aliona Doletskaya

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